Cayman dating online

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Cayman dating online

The legendary Bob Soto opened the Caribbean's first dive shop on Grand Cayman in 1957.The country's Tourist Board was formed in 1966, launching the country's earliest serious efforts at tourism promotion overseas.

They turned to the sea for their livelihood, and Caymanians' reputation as outstanding sailors and turtle fishermen grew throughout the early 20th century.

Sir Francis Drake visited the islands during a voyage between 1585-86 and reported sighting "great serpents called Caymanas, like large lizards, which are edible." An anonymous author in Drake's fleet also described 10-foot long crocodiles.

According to the Cayman Islands National Archive, there are written accounts of Cayman dating back to the 1830's which describe the shooting of crocodiles as a Sunday sport.

Today, tourism and the international financial services industry form the basis of Cayman's strong economy and prosperity.

The Cayman Islands is recognized as the "birthplace" of the modern sport of recreational scuba diving.

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To foster a culture of excellence in service and care coupled with collaborative efforts that focus on sustainability through the provision of innovative, safe, efficient solutions which will stimulate and facilitate waterborne commerce, trade and leisure travel resulting in the continued economic development of the Cayman Islands.