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City press cyprus online dating

Following a brief period of Egyptian domination in the sixth century BC, Cyprus fell under Persian rule.The Persians did not interfere in the internal affairs of Cyprus, leaving the city-kingdoms to continue striking their own coins and waging war amongst one another, until the late-fourth century BC saw the overthrow of the Persian Empire by Alexander the Great.The ancient history of Cyprus shows a precocious sophistication in the neolithlic era visible in settlements such as at Choirokoitia dating from the 9th millennium BC, and at Kavalassos from about 7500 BC.Periods of Cyprus's ancient history from 1050 BC have been named according to styles of pottery as follows: The documented history of Cyprus begins in the 8th century BC.Vouni, on a hill overlooking Morphou Bay, was built around 520 BCE and destroyed in 380 BCE.It contained Royal audience chambers (liwan), open courtyards, bathhouses and stores.Armour and dress showed western Asiatic elements as well.In 525 BCE, the Persian Achaemenid Empire conquered Cyprus.

There are other inscriptions referring to the land of Ia' in Sargon's palace at Khorsabad.

In 570 BCE, Cyprus was conquered by Egypt under Amasis II.

This brief period of Egyptian domination left its influence mainly in the arts, especially sculpture, where the rigidity and the dress of the Egyptian style can be observed.

Animal sacrifices are attested to on terracotta-votives.

The Sanctuary of Ayia Irini contained over 2,000 figurines.

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Cyprus gained independence after 627 BC following the death of Ashurbanipal, the last great Assyrian king.

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