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According to Cait, Robert confided in her that he knew O. Simpson was guilty, and only defended him because he was a dear friend.The Kardashians are adamant about this being a lie, and wish for Cait to keep their father’s name out of her lying mouth.Even with our faves missing, we still had some hot storylines to follow.Our A plot was Khloé introducing her sisters to Cleveland; our B plot was Kendall’s Pepsi commercial; and our C plot was Caitlyn Jenner’s full-time job of being a walking nightmare. #LEGGO Scene 3: Hidden deep in the hills of California, three Kweens, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian, convene at Khloé’s home.That’s one of the reasons why we know that this scene was filmed on April 10, 2017.Scene 8: The Kardashian and Haqq sisters are joined by the Greatest Assistant of All Time Steph Shep and some random gentlemen (Tristan’s friends).

Scene 11/Scene 12: The following morning, Khloé drives her sisters and the GOAT Steph to Tristan’s newly Khloé-fied home.

Scene 4: At Kourtney’s home, she and Khloé retreat to an inflatable bubble in her backyard, where they’re treated to Al Jolson facials from a woman named Nurse Jamie.

The sisters sit in a white bubble, in one of the richest suburbs in America, wearing the world’s only acceptable form of blackface (a charcoal mask), and call Kendall Jenner to talk about her racist Pepsi-Cola ad.

In fact, the kids who appear to have learned full sentences over the most recent break between seasons, confidently tell Auntie Ko Ko that they would “love to go to Cleveland,” like they’re studying proper English alongside Prince George.

This scene was filmed on May 4, 2017, nearly a month after the Kardashians Took Cleveland in mid-April.

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Khloé would like her dog Gabbana to accompany her, but Kim thinks the climate in Ohio would be too much of a culture shock for the dog.

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