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To manually add new records to a dataset, create a new data row by calling the method on the Data Table.Then add the row to the Data Row collection (Rows) of the Data Table: In order to retain the information that the dataset needs to send updates to the data source, use the Delete method to remove rows in a data table.An application can call the Get Changes method in situations where you must control the sequence of statement types (for example, INSERTs before UPDATEs).For more information, see Updating Data Sources with Data Adapters.The UPDATE statement updates data in existing columns; it does not create new columns.To add new columns, see Altering Columns and Creating New Columns.You can use multiple UPDATE statements, each with a different expression.

However, you can create a Sql Command Builder or Ole Db Command Builder object to automatically generate SQL statements for single-table updates if you set the Select Command property of a . Then, any additional SQL statements that you do not set are generated by the Command Builder.

In addition to changing the actual data, you can also query a Data Table to return specific rows of data.

For example, you might query for individual rows, specific versions of rows (original and proposed), rows that have changed, or rows that have errors.

You can use the UPDATE statement to modify data values in tables and in the tables that underlie PROC SQL and SAS/ACCESS views.

For more information about updating views, see Updating a View.

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