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Dating talkorigins

Even the supposed evolution of such a simple thing as the elongated neck of the giraffe, cannot be explained by the small successive steps of natural selection. I hope that this page will encourage you to start taking a closer look about this because how you and I understand our origins will have an impact on how we see our world and ourselves.

We will either see ourselves and the people around us as products of chance, only here on earth due to a long series of lucky ‘mistakes’, or we will see ourselves, and people around us as created by a Designer.

I read about stars and atoms – and most things in-between.

Most of the books that I read, and all that I learned in school taught me that though technically considered a theory, evolution was as established as any scientific fact could be.

It provides a basis to understand ourselves, the world around us, and our creator.

And if He has created us, perhaps He has also revealed a message to us. So on this site are other posts, pages and videos that go much more in-depth on this issue than this little article can.

Even though I believed in God, I figured in some manner that science had convincingly proven evolution, and therefore God had used evolution to make the world and the people in it.

Further scientific proofs of the truth of evolution consisted of transitional fossils showing how animals in the past were linked to other more evolved descendants through intermediate fossils.

In other words, is it possible for a lung to work at all if it is part-way between the bi-directional structure of reptiles and the uni-directional structure of birds?

For evolution to be possible, small changes in function need to increase survival rates so that these changes are selected for. Now reptiles have a lung system, like mammals, where the air is brought in-and-out of the lung to alveoli though bronchi tubes.

The problem is that many of these transitional changes will simply not work. Birds however have a totally different lung structure.

I had supposed that many such transitions existed, showing the sequence of our evolution down through the ages.

I was quite surprised, as I took a closer look, to discover that this was simply not the case.

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