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I didn’t build up the courage to tell him until over a year after we met. My questions danced between two topics: did he know I liked him, and was it possible for him to like me, or someone like me—a fat girl. I wasn’t being subtle and yet he had made no counter-move.

When I confessed how I felt, he replied that he’d known the whole time. And, he’d known my feelings about him for over a year and never said anything. At the time, I told myself I wasn’t being obvious enough.

I’ve worried about others’ opinions for the majority of my life.

Yet I forgot the opinion that mattered most—my opinion of myself.

I rationalized that he talked to me because he enjoyed poking fun at me.

I couldn’t understand why dating an overweight girl like me would interest anybody.

AN Australian has been blasted on social media after he sent a an arrogant message rebuffing a woman on dating site Plenty of Fish, claiming he didn’t consider dating anyone overweight or over 30.

The man has been branded a “creep” after his response was posted on Facebook by the recipient’s sister.

I was interested in giving a relationship with Mike a try, yet I was afraid.

He wrote: “I was specific with age because I would like to start a family one day and, to be honest, I think that the necessary timeline before doing so is shortened/compressed with a lady over 30.

“I was also specific about weight as I have never been attracted to big women.

They weren’t serious relationships, but I was still jealous. Even after goofy Mike literally asked me on a date, I didn’t take him seriously. We acted together in a summer theatre program called Second Stage.

Since I was insecure and lonely, I was jealous of anyone who found someone that understood, cared for and stood by them. I was too insecure and loathed myself too much to be able to understand what another person could value in me. I met him at auditions and it was love at first sight; for me, at least.

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You need to be able to love, forgive and trust yourself before you can consider giving them to another person.