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Lds dating sights

The way you show Islam respect is not by treating it as an equal but by treating it with deference.

Not doing or saying anything to offend Muslims might seem like a wise strategy, but once you adopt it, you’re already on a slippery slope.

is antagonizing the entire world.” He continued: “Is it possible that 1.6 billion people should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants…?

” He then warned the assembled imams not to “remain trapped within this mindset” but to “reflect on it from a more enlightened perspective.” However you interpret el-Sisi’s remarks, it’s clear that he believes the problems of Islam are not the fault of a tiny minority.

Better, from a strategic point of view, to stress our commonalities with Muslims.

If they see us as a brother religion, they are more likely to protect the Christians in their midst.

After Pope Benedict’s Regensburg reference to the violent nature of Islam, Muslims took out their anger on Christians living in their midst. Christians in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, and elsewhere already live at peril of their lives. There’s another argument for this power-of-positive-thinking approach, although it’s an argument that’s best left unsaid.Islam has an insatiable appetite for deference, and there is no end to the things that offend Muslims.The word “Islam,” after all, means submission, and that, ultimately, is how non-Muslims are expected to show respect.By the same token, it reinforces the belief that Islam is the superior religion, deserving of special respect.“Allahu akbar” doesn’t mean “let’s dialogue”; it means “God is greater” and its specific meaning to Muslims is that their God is greater than your god.

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