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But then, on second thought, they realize that since they arrived at the appointment they might as well keep it and “Both asked the woman to allow them to have sex with her.” The story then picks up as per above with the angels engaging in idolatry, drinking, murdering the beggar, etc.but adds that “she will not be pleased with them until they teach her the way of going up to the heaven.” Another added element is that Harut and Marut “used to decide people’s disputes during the day and go up to the heaven at night.” Well, they did not teach the woman how to “go to the heaven” so she refused to engage them in carnal concupiscence which, of course, leads the angels to figure that making whoopie was worth showing her how to go to the heavens.

Harut and Marut were selected and were sent to Earth “in the form of two handsome men” who touched down in Babylon.So, they show her the way but she refuses to fulfill her end of the bargain.Now, “In order to experiment she uttered the words taught by them and at once reached the heavens while the two stood wide-eyed.I reluctantly told him and he walked up to the bus driver, told the driver to stop at my stop, then he grabbed his groceries and walked away.I was surprised he didn’t get on the bus, but when I looked back to see which direction he went in, he was gone.

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Allah sent two angels, in human form, to Muhammad so through him, people will have magick explained to them and be told by Allah forbade it, “So those two angels were teaching the people magic and the ways of making it ineffective.” But, as it turns out, this was all a big “test and trial for the slaves of Allah so that they may obey Allah and nullify magic by what they learn, but not indulge in magic themselves and not become ‘Kafir’ (unbelievers) by harming others through magic.” So, Allah’s angels are sent to show people how to use the very same magick that they are forbidden to use.

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