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Ms project updating progress

Such is the importance of the casual choices we make several times a day when we decide what to eat.

For people with MS, this decision is even more important than for the average person.

There isn't concrete evidence that diet is a "cure" for MS - we all know there is no cure yet.

Many doctors are still not convinced diet helps at all to reduce MS symptoms and exacerbations [we'll forgive them for that! The difficulty is that everyone reacts differently to having Multiple Sclerosis.

Before we discuss individual foods and how they impact our bodies, we must take a quick look at why the body reacts negatively towards certain food particles.

When you eat that particular food again, the immune system remembers it as an invader and calls in the troops to begin an attack. Researchers have found that immune cells are first activated in the blood stream before they cross the blood brain barrier and do their damage in the nervous system.

Just as some people are allergic to certain foods while others are not, following an MS diet correctly is not a guarantee that it will work for you.

But, you only have something to gain by following it - your body will love you for it!

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Increasing your overall health is going to benefit you in ways you haven't yet imagined.

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