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Having already executive produced the award-winning short film Happy Ending, Agim landed starring roles in the low-budget horror films Haunted Forest and Neowolf before getting his big break on The Last Film Festival, where he worked opposite Dennis Hopper, Leelee Sobieski, and Chris Kattan.

If you're anything like me, then you're probably annoyed that all the names of Pokémon, moves, items and abilities are in ALL CAPITALS.

It's only the front of them, not the walking sprites. Has a D/P_____| |styled shaymin with___| |the moving guts on the| |title screen. D/P style_| |boot screen hack______| |warning screen. My sinnoh_____| |worldmap updated(i____| |forgot to include_____| |twinleaf and route 201| |tiles on the tilemap)_| |Then the tileset0 from| |PHO's D/P base._______| \.:;|______________|;:./ Well, I got bored an made this, it could be helpful for people who are making hacks with Gold in it: It's a custom made sprite, it matches his HGSS Sugimori art in colors and that was what this sprite was based off of.

This is one of the sprites, I'd like credit if you use it, BUT you don't have to give credit.

Unless you're really lazy, you should be doing that anyway, as it makes your hack look much better.

Credit to Mastermind_X for originally ripping them.

The Heart Gold and Soul Silver Overworlds of Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Just have to export pallet, but that's simple enough. An alternate_______| |colored "Display______| |Platform" in the intro| |as well.

the shiny versions and back sprites will now display properly when inserted in a ROM) For some reason, Shellos has a colour in its back sprite which isn't in its front sprite... EDIT10: Again, a few more palette errors have been fixed.

Anyway, just click the download link again to get the updated version. I also spent some time inserting the sprites with un LZ-GBA; if you like to automate stuff (like me) and can make a script/program to automatically write data to a ROM, I also uploaded the already compressed sprites here.

EDIT6: Okay, this is completely unrelated, but cool nonetheless.

In the past hour, I've resized and indexed every Platinum Pokémon sprite for D/P Pokémon (#387 to #493; both front and back).

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Kaba continued to play the role of Aaron Snyder on the long-running daytime soap opera until April 2005, later returning to the series in June, 2007.

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