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Interestingly the different sites can cater for some peoples different personas online.

Only crass thing is they generally use the same pic for all of them!!

Would love to hear from those of you with online dating experience; especially if have have been on the paid sites!!! I did do a search for this topic, didnt get any results!! Many think because a person paid 30 or 40 dollars...better clientelle...people.

Eharmony is different as it allows you to communicate indirectly for a short period before you have the freedom to send improvised emails.

On a free site your going to get more people that are not that busy, not that active in meeting someone or far more unrealitsic, and USUALLY not from a higher economic aspect. I tried free sites when looking, but has better luck on pay sites.

The free sites I found had many people who were asking to find something they had no match for.

I have read that when a site has paid subscribers, it is much less likely to aggressively screen those users that may not be legitimate, and my experience seems to bear this out. not better but different and a different type of user.

On paid sites you get more people who are busy, active in meeting people and can be from a WIDE economic stance. Most pay sites do not have forums, because there is much more meeting going on and little of the "virtual" type relationships.

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and its getting even more invasive, we not only want to pay more , we expect to pay more for less services and there are several****oaches out there prepared to service this need and parasite off of these niches i find it amusing and hypocritical sometimes when i read posts from women, calling men skinflints n cheepskates, when they go out to dinner or a movie n omg they are expected to pay for " themselves" wow imagine this concept, if you go on a date you should expect to pay your own way . what does that say about the person flinging names at the party that didnt expect to be footing the bill for 2 when it was just a first or second meeting?