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I'd always thought there were only two kinds of ah-ha moments you could have in a romantic relationship: the bizarre and the bad.The first would be like catching your boyfriend in his boxers pop-lockin' to the movie Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo — aka, "Ah-ha, so you are a dork!

One that the man in front of me did not necessarily want the College of Charleston population to discover.Don't Ask Don't Tell Like a clandestine militia, the world of reenacting, be it Civil War, Rev War (the insiders term for the Revolutionary War), WWI or II, is a hush-hush society, at least in my experience.Most reenactors who give a damn about their reputation outside the battlefield are mighty hesitant to reveal their historical alter-egos. With all the makings of a typical college student — he was a pedicab driver, an active international club member, and a good student — few would have dreamed he was involved in such a contentious hobby.I was in a traveling performing group called the Melody Lane Singers, for Pete's sake! "The image in people's minds is big-bearded people in leathered leggings telling you about the olden days," says Miranda Peters, a friend of Daniel's. Not only does she do a little reenacting herself, but she dates a reenactor as well."They equate Harry Potter and Sci-Fi with reenacting." Peters, a former employee at Historic Brattonsville in York, S. Her boyfriend, Matthew Keagle, a masters student in the Winterthur Program at the University of Delaware, is well known in the East Coast reenacting world as one of the most "hard-core" guys in the hobby.

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"Matt's on the couch sewing, not playing video games or going through car magazines. "We're not just watching TV or going to movies." Boy, don't I know it.

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