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And here’s me explaining why you should stick with good old Windows.

Windows remains the dominating desktop operating system.

Windows 7 is found on more than half of all PCs and Windows XP still runs on almost a quarter of home computers.

Likewise, hardware developers refuse to support a fraction of the PC market.

You won’t lose anything and you might find that you like it.

In the end, only you know what you really need and which features you most appreciate.

Even though it was designed for tablets, since the introduction of Windows 8.1 and its first Update It matters less and less every year what operating system you use, because every year we all spend more time on our computer using nothing but the browser. If you’re expecting to multi-task or install software, however, you already know better.

You can buy a cheap laptop that comes pre-installed with Linux, but it’s something you have to spend time and energy on to set up.

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